Non-operational treatment of hemorrhoid and anal fissures using the Israeli Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine + Normalax

- chronic hemorrhoids
- anal fissures
- external hemorrhoids
- internal hemorrhoids
- hemorrhoids / anal fissures in men
- hemorrhoids / anal fissures in women
- hemorrhoids / anal fissures in children
- hemorrhoids / anal fissures in pregnancy
- hemorrhoids / anal fissures after pregnancy

Эмульсия-гель Нифедипин и Нормалакс - информация на русском языке

Innovative Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipinemade in Israel heals hemorrhoid in the final stages! Pain stops within 1-2 days, and full recovery is achieved from 7 to 28 days.
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Hemorrhoid Treatment
Israel has developed one of the currently most effective methods for non-operational treatment of this disease using the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine.

Technique Use
First of all it is necessary to run an individual diagnostics - what kind of disease you have and at what stage it is. Then you can start the treatment itself. All fissures can be treated using this technique, but not all prolapsed hemorrhoids can be treated with this gel. Nifedipine is most effective when treating so-called thrombosed hemorrhoids (thrombus). If we take into account that they cause severe pain, it becomes clear why the gel is so popular.

How it works?

Nifedipine is a chemical substance that dilates peripheral blood vessels and relaxes smooth muscle tissue. When applying this gel to the anus, its most important drug-induced effect is the relaxation of smooth muscles of the anus, which contributes to significant reduction in rectal pressure.
Additional active component of this gel is Lidocaine. It is targeted at anesthesia, which is important in the treatment of this disease. Moreover, Lidocaine increases the efficiency of Nifedipine, thus increasing the treatment efficiency. Another important component of the emulsion is Izosorbit Dinitrate (ISDN) that dilates blood vessels in different way if compared to Nifedipine.
Nifedipine is absorbed by smooth muscle cells. Nitrate molecule is transformed into inorganic nitrate and then into nitric oxide (NO), which causes smooth muscle relaxation and rapid reduction of pain. As the result of these components’ effect, fissures heal quickly, hemorrhoids go inside, bleeding stops, and pain subsides.
When used properly, the gel reduces pain in the first days of treatment. According to our experience, 50% of fissures heal within 14 days, and, in most cases, full recovery is achieved within 28 days from the beginning of treatment. The success of fissure treatment exceeds 80%. Hemorrhoid heals within the first 7 days in 70% of cases!

- Emulsion Gel Nifedipine
- Lidocaine
- Biocomplex of Dead Sea minerals

Instruction for use:
The use of the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine improves your condition and cures hemorrhoid even if the disease is in the fourth stage. The gel relieves pain, because it reduces edema and helps soften piles and heal fissures.
Hemorrhoid and fissures are a pathology that having emerged once comes back again and again! It is a chronic disease. But the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine very effectively copes with this disease, especially during its exacerbation. According to our experience - we have treated thousands of patients with this gel, remission may last for years, that is, you can forget about your disease for years!
There is no way to determine how much of the gel is necessary for a full recovery. The situations may be different - so it is best to get three tubes for a full course of 28-30 days. On the other hand, your fears should not be exaggerated. You should start using the gel and test how the recovery process goes during the first 5 days. If you feel that your condition is close to a full recovery, and that is what we foresee in most cases - the need to order additional tubes will disappear!

1. During the first day you should lubricate the anus’ outer area with ​​a little amount of gel (1 gr) applied to the index finger in a clockwise direction in the area of ​​pain. On the second day, in addition to applying the gel to the area of ​​pain, it is recommended to introduce the gel inside and outside the anus using your finger with the help of very light massage movements without pushing it hard in a clockwise direction, and repeat it in all consecutive days.
2. In the first days you should lubricate 4 times a day, i.e. in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. When the pain and the bleeding stop, and it will happen very quickly, you can perform this procedure twice a day.
3. Duration of treatment: 7 to 28 days.

When using the gel it is important to add ingredients rich in fibers, such as bran, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread. Drink a lot: you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day (to soften the stool.) Avoid eating spicy, fried and sour dishes.

The shelf life of the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine: 18 months - manufacturing date is marked on the tube.
Gel tube (40 g net) is rated for 14 days.
Store at a normal temperature of +20 - +22 °C Side effects in rare cases: dizziness

For more information ask doctor online:
Possible to send pictures of inflamed parts, hemorrhoids, anal fissures

While using the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine it is recommended to use NORMALAX for softening the stool

Therapeutic activity: softens the stool by increasing the water content in the stool, promotes normal bowel activity, thus relieving constipation.

Composition: Polyethylene glycol 3350
Inactive ingredients: None.
Indication: The medicine is intended for the treatment of constipation.

Along with the above mentioned treatment agents very helpful anti-hemorrhoidal physical exercises

Simple anti-hemorrhoidal exercises
1. Stand up
2. Put your hands up
3. Lean forward so that your hands stretched as close as possible to the floor.
4. Do it 30 times in the morning and evening.

Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine - payment and delivery:
Approximate waiting time:
Ireland 3-5 days India 4-12 days Hong Kong 2-5 days China 2-6 days
Russia 7-14 days Ukraine 4-5 days USA 5-12 days Canada 4-7 days
St. Petersburg, Moscow 5-7 days Byelorussia 4-5 days Kazakhstan 12-14 days Azerbaijan 3-5 days
Uzbekistan 3-5 days Tajikistan 12-20 days Kyrgyzstan 3-5 days Armenia 3-5 days
Bulgaria 4-7 days Latvia 3-5 days Lithuania 3-5 days Moldova 4-7 days
England 2-4 days Australia 7-12 days Czech Republic 3-5 days Romania 2-4 days
Cyprus 2 days Estonia 3-6 days Finland 3-6 days France 2-4 days
Georgia 3-6 days Japan 7-12 days Korea 7-12 days Mongolia 4-7 days
Norway 3-6 days Poland 4-7 days Romania 4-7 days Denmark 3-5 days
Sweden 2-4 days Greece 4-7 days Turkmenistan 4-7 days Vietnam 7-12 days
Philippines 4-7 days Indonesia 4-7 days Singapore 4-7 days Austria 2-5 days
South Africa 4-7 days Turkey 4-7 days Kenya 3-6 days
And other countries

Cost - $154
Purchase include:
- Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine40 gr
- Instruction of use (English)
- Home delivery

Cost - $169
Purchase include:
- Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine40 gr
- Normalax 70 gr
- Instruction of use (English)
- Home delivery

Cost - $197
Purchase include:
- Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine40 gr
- Normalax 240 gr
- Instruction of use (English)
- Home delivery

100% delivery guarantee
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Shipping via EMS Mail worldwide. Delivery time is 2-14 days after payment. The shelf life of the Emulsion Gel Alishech Nifedipine is 18 months - manufacturing date is marked on the tube.

Buyer/Seller Agreement:
*If a package is not delivered, full amount will be refunded.
*If recipient want to return a parcel after receiving, the parcel will not accepted.
*Alishech Ltd is not responsible for any use of the product for other purposes.

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Alishech Ltd is certified by the International Association of Standardization IQNet - permit for pharmaceutical and medical activities. License № 56855. Copies of certificates can be downloaded here: IQNet Certificate, ISO Certificate.

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